Figaro's Password Manager

Figaro's Password Manager (or “FPM”) is one of those cool, single purpose, little utilities available for linux that really come in handy. It's purpose is to securely organize your various usernames and passwords, help you to remember them, and provide a launching point to the websites, remote systems, applications, etc. where you use them.

FPM encrypts all of your other usernames and passwords with a single password that you choose on FPM's first launch, and must use to gain access everytime thereafter:

Once you've gained access to FPM you can start creating entries for all your user accounts:

Notice the “Launcher” field- that lets you associate the account with a particular application, and launch that application (with your username and password information ready to be pasted) by double clicking on the account's FPM entry. Launchers for ssh and mozilla/netscape are built in; new ones can be created easily.

Also notice the password and the “Generate” button- FPM will generate good passwords for you using your password usage preferences:

Once you've got your favorite accounts setup, you're ready to start launching away from the main window:

More information is available from the website for Figaro's Password Manager: (NOTE: FPM's current “About” window shows the incorrect homepage url!).